Monday, April 20, 2009

Decomposed in the Foreword Fur of Eden


has passed, is gone.

See morning.
Then, the yellow lake (and the cannibal fish),
the naked body,
and the cloak denied.

In the morning--
The ear that heeds not, the great mountain's soft song,
when in the morning, you rise up and destroy,
and the heart of the sun is licked at by our broken tongues.


has passed, is gone away.

See morning.
Then, the black sunflower (and the adulterous bee),
the eternal winter,
and the fake snow.

In the morning--
The owl that breathes not, into the mouth of the blood-horn,
when in the morning, you awake and annihilate,
and the sun suffers and settles down now over our rib cage, exposed.


has passed, is gone, 

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