Thursday, September 3, 2009

Candy and Stellar Collapse

inside and out

I am an ever rotten and
rotting rainbow.

I enjoy eating

myself in public,

while simultaneously sucking
on the lollipop of failure

to kill myself; it is shaped like a word
and its shine is similar to that of a sad and sickening


Sometimes my ugliness
causes me to vomit all over those I supposedly
as they drink

in my melting color through
a very long straw; as they gaze
up at me and praise me
for my distinctive and divine

to grow knives out of my eyes.
It's all so nauseating
that it causes me to vomit a second time
in and endless

orgasm of refracted self-destruction.

In this way,
I have defied the inevitability of death and
will live forever

...just thought you should know.

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